Friday, November 1, 2013

Gajar ka Halwar - Carrot Halwa


Diwali deepon ka thyohar hai (Diwali is the festival of lights). My class 2 essay on diwali hardly prepared me for the dhamaaka that the festival actually is.

I had my first taste of Diwali eight years back, in Hyderabad. I had gone to Dadoos, my favourite sweet shop, to get a couple of jalebis. The shop was crowded to the limit, and as I waited in the long queue, I wondered about how much money people readily parted with, for all kinds of sweets, nuts and other savories during the festive season. The sales went on at a feverish pitch, with orders being shouted over the counter, sales men helping shoppers carry their purchase to awaiting vehicles, and new merchandise being brought in. I realized I had chosen a poor time to buy two tiny jalebis, but before I could move out, I had reached the head of the queue. "Two jalebis", I stammered to the shop keeper. He shot me an incredulous look, but wasted no time in yelling out the order. I was just glad I was not shouted at.

As evening approached, the sound of crackers could be heard everywhere and houses were decorated with lighted diyas. There were people of all ages lighting up fireworks everywhere - from the streets to the relative safety of their courtyards. What with the kids holding sparklers, the defeaning bombs going off every now and then, the sparkling flower pots that reminded me of christmas trees and the wide variety of beautiful and noisy firework display everywhere, it was impossible not to get sucked into the festive spirit. I watched with growing awe as the evening unfolded into a visually stunning display of lights that brightened up the entire night sky and went on till the wee hours of the morning. If the celebrations on the return of Lord Rama from his 14 year exile in the forest, after the defeat of Raavana  are remotely comparable to the celebrations now, I am sure he must have felt overwhelmed.

I will leave you to the your preparations with a simple sweet recipe that you could try out this diwali. 

Gajjar ka Halwa (Carrot pudding)

1 kg carrots, grated (About 8 tighly packed cups of grated carrot)
4 cups whole milk (1 litre)
1/4 cup ghee/clarified butter
1½ cup sugar
50 grms raisins/kismis
50 grms cashewnuts or badaam
½ tsp cardamom powder


Fry cashewnuts or badaam in a tablespoon of ghee till lightly brown. Fry raisins for a few seconds till they are plump and keep aside.

Pressure cook the grated carrot and milk till you hear one whistle. Let steam escape naturally and then heat the carrot mixture on medium flame, stirring continuously, till all the milk has been absorbed.

Add the remaining ghee, sugar and keep stirring for a few more minutes. Reserve a few nuts and raisins to garnish and mix in the rest.

I think gajjar ka halwa tastes best when it is warm. It could be served with icecream, whipped cream or as is.

PS: Thankyou Qya for grating the carrots for me!

Have lots of fun this Diwali, and a great year ahead !!!


  1. 2 jelebis ! u have such control over sugar intake if I were u I would think 2 for right now and another 12 for later plus a sample of all the other hot selling sweets:)) I am that bad.
    Yummy carrot halwa and admire ur patience to grate 1kg.I sometimes cheat by grating two and throwing the rest in chopper:))

    1. :D , Just had joined work at the time. Couldn't afford the expensive sweets....though I really wanted to taste everything...

  2. Wish I could fly to your home and have some Halwa right now! This good looking, inviting Halwa is worth taking all the trouble of flying from one continent to another :)

    Gorgeous images...every single of 'em :)

  3. I like this recipe...My mom also makes it like this...It is so much quicker..
    I haven't made this in ages... Happy Diwali to you!
    I have pinned this recipe :)

  4. perfect food styling and props....luvly clicks and yummy recipe!

    Anu's Healthy Kitchen

  5. It's indeed so simple and delicious. Loved he pics and props Indu :) happy Diwali to you n family!

    1. Yes, it is easy to make. And not too many ingredients. Thankyou Rekha for the wishes!

  6. Oh indu i am a great admirer of ur pics... such lovely shots of food..... gr8.....its thru u pics i came to your blog.... u have made the recipe so simple..yet tasty..... this is once recipe i prepare at home ....when guest come and in a hurry burry i have to say it comes out truely well.....
    Happy diwali....
    Love ang regards
    Preetha :

  7. such lovely shots of such an exotic sweet... love gajar halwa anytime... each time my daughter volunteers to grate the carrots, making my life easy... :)

  8. Beautiful capture, love the photographs and the dessert look so exotic.

  9. Simple yet delicious. My kind of dessert. Gorgeous photography.

  10. Lovely post Indu!!! Loved the rustic props you used in these pictures!!! Its been a while I had made gajar ka halwa, go to try it soon :)

  11. One of the things I like about winters is definitely the gajar ka halwa. The halwa looks perfect and the clicks look beautiful :)


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