Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tea Cake on a Stove


One of my recent chain mail events with friends involved sharing a lot of cake recipes and pictures. It seemed everyone had contracted a baking virus, even the pregnant lady (soon to be mother of two, as she often reminds us). I read wistfully through all their baking adventures, wistfully because I didn't have an oven to bake anymore. But wait, my friend crl didn't have an oven either, so how was she delivering cake after cake, chocolate mousse gateux after pineapple delight? I demanded to know her secret and she revealed that she uses her good old stove to do all her cake baking, and she sounded so happy with the results that I decided to give it a try. I used a very simple and fool proof tea cake recipe from Kerala Cookery by Mrs. K.M. Mathew to try out the stove top method of cake baking. In spite of my friend's assurances, I was surprised at how well the cake turned out, so much that I am definitely trying out my new found method of baking again...and again.

On another note, I have finally created a Facebook Page for my blog. I do hope you will visit it though I don't have any giveaways for maximum number of comments or likes :(. Also, I have finally started pinning pics onto my Pinterest Boards to keep track of all the gorgeous food pictures that I come across on net. (The twitter still remains an enigma. Yes, I belong to the previous century).

Tea Cake Recipe
(Adapted from Kerala Cookery by Mrs. K.M. Mathew. I have halved the quantity of ingredients so I could use my 500 ml cake tin. And doubled the amount of orange rind because I love its flavour)

You will need:
125 grams plain flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/8 cup milk
125 grams butter, at room temperature
125 grams powdered sugar
2 eggs, separated
Scant tablespoon orange peel, grated
2 pinches lime rind  grated
1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence
1/2 tsp sugar


Firstly, choose a large dish with a lid into which the cake tin can fit snugly. Once the cake tin is in, you should be able to close the dish. I used a large aluminium pot for this.

Grease the cake tin well. Sprinkle some plain flour on it, and shake off excess flour.

Sieve together plain flour and baking powder.

Whisk butter and powdered sugar together in a large bowl till pale.Add one by one the yellow yolk and the orange peel and lime rind and mix well after each addition. With a spoon, alternately add the flour and milk and fold and keep aside.

Now, cover and heat your large dish over the highest flame.

Whisk the egg whites in a clean and dry bowl till thick. Add the essence and the sugar and beat for a further couple of minutes. Mix well with the prepared batter.

Pour the batter into the prepared cake tin. Remove the lid of the pre heated pot and place the cake tin inside quickly and carefully. Cover the pot immediately and lower the flame to minimum. Let the cake cook for about 20-25 minutes till a skewer inserted into it comes out clean. Once the cake is done, remove the cake tin from the pot quickly and let it cool completely. Slide out the cake from the tin and enjoy.

Note: You can also bake the cake in a pre heated oven for 400F for 20- 25 minutes.

Happy Cake Baking!


  1. wow very nice try of making such asn awesome fluffy cake on a stove...gr8 gob!
    SYF&HWS - Cook with Spices

    South Indian Cooking

    (SIC) Series

  2. Amma makes it on stove top...using cooker...The idea of using normal pans is really nice..and the end result is also very perfect and tempting...Beautiful clicks...

  3. looks incredibly soft and fluffy ! glad the stove method worked out so well for u :)

  4. Hey

    You won't believe, 70% of my cakes have been baked in this good old stove oven...it's toooooo good.

    I'm sure Qya enjoyed this because kids like this simple flavor!

  5. That is so cool- to bake on a stove! Have never tried it, though I remember growing up some of my mom's friends would bake a cake on stove. Had completely forgotten about it till you mentioned. Heading over to you Facebook page. I have a twitter page too, but never ever check it. Maybe I too belong to the previous century!

  6. My mother used to bake in an aluminum vessel on a pan in which there was sand... I can only vaguely remember. But the cakes were lovely. This is a cool idea if you do not have an oven.

  7. 125 grams of flour and 125 grams of suger??!! sounds too sweet

    1. Not at all! :) Lots of cakes (pound cakes) use equal quantities of flour, sugar, butter and eggs.


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