Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ginger Lemonade


Rexy and I had always got along fairly well together. Atleast, she seemed sincerely pleased to see me everytime I visited her, and she is not the kind who can pretend convincingly. So when she warned me to keep away from her babies, I thought she was bluffing. Apparently, she was not, and I ended up getting nipped on my ankle. Ouch!

After the incident, my parents explained that new mother dogs were particularly ferocious. Didn’t I know that? Feeling rather stupid for not having caged Rexy before visiting her pups, I went to the doctor who recommended anti rabies vaccination. Three shots if Rexy remained fit and fine within 10 days of biting me, and five if she should die. I prayed on my knees for her long life because 1) I hate injections. Though these were not painful, they gave me no joy either. 2) The vaccinations were quite expensive, and I could easily think of a number of other things to do with the money, and 3) though Rexy probably thought of me as some kind of monster, I continued to like her (talk about unreturned love!) and had to appreciate the courage she showed in protecting her kids.

My mother advised me to avoid lemon and lime for a few days. I argued that they were to be avoided only if I was using some kind of traditional medicine but she was not willing to take risks (mothers are obviously very determined about their kids' safety!), and successfully scared me into agreement. From the moment that I was forbidden against using lemon, I started fantasizing about cold glasses of sweet lime soda, ginger lemonade, masala lime juice and so on, particularly the kind that we get in small shops in Kerala - freshly squeezed lime juice, sugar and soda, all mixed noisily and vigorously together in tall steel glasses.

Luckily, Rexy and kids are thriving and it is finally safe for me to convert all my lime fantasies into reality ;). Do you care for some fresh ginger lemonade?


1/2 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice
1/2 cup sugar
1 teaspoon coarsely chopped fresh ginger
5 to 6 cups of chilled water
Ice cubes, lemon rind and mint leaves, to serve

Blend together the lemon juice, sugar and ginger till the sugar has dissolved completely. Stir in water, and serve in tall glasses with ice cubes and mint leaves.

Enjoy. And beware of dogs!!!


  1. awesome lemonade...


  2. delicious addition of ginger looks wonderful

  3. awesome clicks.. n perfect lemonade..

  4. Lemonade looks very refreshing.. Pictures are very beautiful..

  5. Please add a little salt also when you prepare lemonade next time..

  6. A very delightful n refreshing one...I too add a little salt!

    Erivum Puliyum

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  8. Poor baby, hope you are alright now! I was bit by a dog too, in my school days, and I remember that I had the same fear of injection eek.

    Loved you pics Indu. So whats up with the SLR & course--any updates? Take care kto. Hugs!

  9. Nice this any time..yummyyy

  10. hmmm enjoyable link up; refreshing lemonade; droolsome pics; i wouldn mind enjoying a tall glass of that with you, and some desi gossip!

  11. OMG! Hope you feel better now,BTW the tall glasses of lemonade looks fabulous,beautiful pictures.

  12. thats a lil scary... hope ur all right now! gorgeous pics, looks so refreshing & cool

  13. Thanks all for the feedback.

    Junkiebook, I am all ready for the gossip :D

    Acha, and Juli, yes a pinch of salt does make a nice difference to the flavour of the lemonade!

    Nash, Umm Mymoonah and Deeps, I am fine. Was just a tiny nip, but didnt want to take any risk. Nash, SLR is decided. Would be getting one soon :D

  14. i m justgonnamake this for theguests we are expecting today... thnaks ! u make my summery day! i m just goin to sit in a cool corner and sip it !


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